Why not Cruise Wirelessly?

I am not a seasoned cruiser, but I do know a thing or two about two-way radio communications. The goal of my website, cruisewireless.com, is to share my knowledge with you, the seasoned or novice cruiser, and inform you how adding wireless communication can enhance your experience at sea, and on land.

Some cruise lines offer walkie-talkies for rent through their onboard gift shop or Guest Relations desk. Because of the frequency band or power level, these may be impractical to use when separated on the ship, and not legal to use while at foreign ports of call or on excursions.

My objective in maintaining this website is to inform and educate you what options you have available, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each, and where the use would be legal or prohibited. Radio frequencies are used in different countries for different purposes, and you should always be operating on the proper channels to avoid interference.

I will also only be discussing unlicensed radios. Although having an amateur radio license will greatly enhance your experience, all members of your family must be licensed in order to participate. This may not be desirable for all of your shipmates, so I would like to concentrate on radios that everyone can use license-free.

Purchasing radio equipment is an investment, therefore flexibility is key. The unlicensed radios presented here can be used on land as well as at sea, in order to enhance your recreational activities such as hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking, mountaineering, and other outside activities. They can be used at sporting events, shopping centers, and theme parks. They can be used for business or personal use, regardless of age.