Retevis RT-10

Retevis has introduced a relatively new entry into the 900 MHz unlicensed arena. It is the RT10 handheld, which has both analog (FM) and digital (DMR) capabilities, selective signaling, and up to 128 channels. Out of the box, it comes pre-programmed for 50 channels, all of which are within the 902-928 MHz spectrum. 

In the digital mode, this transceiver operates in a similar manner to the DLR/DTR and Nextel handhelds. The difference is that the Motorola radios use Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum technology where the signal is moved around the band according to an established algorithm, and the Retevis RT10 utilizes discrete frequencies. 

Like the Baofeng GT-1, the Retevis is also fully programmable. However, unlike the Baofeng GT-1, the Retevis RT10 is ready to use right out of the box. The reason is all of the pre-loaded channels are fully within the 902-928 MHz license-free spectrum. The DMR channels are recommended because of the superior performance of digital modulation as well as the privacy afforded.