PMR446 is an unlicensed personal communication service authorized in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and territories and possessions of current or former EU nations. 

Originally eight channels, the allocation has been expanded in 2018 to sixteen channels. Although similar to the Family Radio Service in the United States, it differs by allowing digital DMR emissions in addition to FM, and the assigned frequencies fall within the 70cm amateur radio band. For this reason, they cannot legally be used within the United States without an appropriate amateur radio license. 

Channel No.FrequencyPower (ERP in Watts)
1446.006250.5 W
2446.018750.5 W
3446.031250.5 W
4446.043750.5 W
5446.056250.5 W
6446.068750.5 W
7446.081250.5 W
8446.093750.5 W
9446.106250.5 W
10446.118750.5 W
11446.131250.5 W
12446.143750.5 W
13446.156250.5 W
14446.168750.5 W
15446.181250.5 W
16446.193750.5 W

Although the PMR446 unlicensed personal communication service is authorized for European territories and possessions, as well as international waters, its use in the United States is restricted to licensed amateur radio operators, and therefore 900 MHz transceivers would be a more worthwhile investment.